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Why Profile Check?

Global Acceptance
A Profile Check resume is the only resume that has global acceptance. Do not limit yourself anymore. Showcase your profile to international recruiters and be assured that they have complete confidence in your credentials because you have a Profile Check resume

A Profile Check CV post document verification becomes an asset to your job search. The credibility of your profile goes up multifold in the employment market because the employers and authorities have complete confidence on your profile. Provide the decision makers with a link to your Profile Check CV and you are all set.

You have complete access to all your documents and certificates in one place – When you need it and where you need it, download, share or access anywhere anytime. Replace your documents with updated ones anytime there is a change and have them revalidated with ease.

Data Protection:
All documents submitted for validation are stored in encrypted servers that are not accessible to the public. You have complete control over your data and only you can provide the employers and authorities with the access to view your documents by approving their access request.

Profile Check: A Section-by-Section Check

An in-depth profile checking process includes checks that covers every aspect of the information provided on your CV. We therefore, segment your profile into the below for validation purposes:

Identity Verification

A profile check is incomplete without an identity check. Though it is ignored most times, when it comes to the hiring process, identity verification becomes important for several factors including, work permits, visa processing, salary processing, etc. In 2019 alone, 8% applicants have lost out on opportunities because of fake identification documents produced or mismatch in data provided on the CV against their government issued identities. During the Profile Check certification process, we validate every aspect of your identity such as your name, contact details, your personal details, etc. This ensures that your post-selection process for the employer is hassle-free.

Employment Verification

In the employment market, every employer is keen to know your work experience. This segment is important to employers because it gives them an indication about your skills and the value that you can add to the organization when they hire you. Due to this, over 15% of all applicants provide false data about their work experience. Most tend to misrepresent aspects of their employment history such as the designation, the period and the type of employment. This leaves the employers in a situation where they are unable to differentiate the genuine applicants by looking at the resumes. When you have your resume certified by Profile Check, it gives the employer the confidence to go ahead with you.

Academic Check

Industry study shows that 1 among 6 applicants lie on their resumes and in 2020, over 2 percent misrepresent information about their academic qualification and this is only taking into account the survey conducted by Profile Check, wherein the actual numbers are way higher than this. To ensure that your profile is genuine, we take utmost care in validating your academic qualifications and certifications during the L1 to L3 certification process.

Reference Check

Most employers give importance to references that you provide on your CV because this is one of how they can get to know more about you before working with you. Most times, the references are given on your CV are not contactable. We go that extra mile in getting in touch with them and validating the references that you have provided and enhancing the trust factor for the employer.

ProfileCheck is a neutral data validation agency. Over the years ProfileCheck has helped millions of jobseekers establish credibility to the employers, making Profile Check the most preferred data validation partner around the world.

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